Work Packages

WP1: Project management (Oct ‘12 – Mar ‘16)
Leader: Vittorio Privitera
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The project coordinator, leader of WP1 too, will monitor the progress of the action and will promote the leadership capacity of the CNR researchers.

WATER aims to make CNR-Catania a leader in the field of nanotechnology applied to water treatment, thus young researcher generation need to operate in the best way with a solid methodology.

With this aim, some researchers will attend specific training courses to improve the management skills.

  • Objectives

    • Manage the overall progress of the action, providing effective scientific and administrative management.
    • Manage the interaction with and among the partners.
    • Manage the local upgrading of the research facilities.
    • Manage the contacts with local authorities and enterprises.
    • Manage the contact between the Steering Committee and the European Commission.
    • Organize the meetings of the Steering Committee and of the Action Management Committee.
    • Monitor the improvement of the management capability of the young CNR researchers.

WP2: Reinforcement of human and technical capital (Oct ‘12 – Oct ‘15)
Leader: Lucia Romano
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The overall goal of WP2 is to stimulate the research potential of CNR-Catania by unlocking its excellence in the growing fields of nanotechnology applications in order to promote Catania to become the nanotechnology pole of Italy and strengthen CNR participation in research activities at the European Union level.

  • Objectives

    • Recruitment of 3 experienced researchers with expertise in nanostructure synthesis and characterization, and in technology for water treatment.
    • Reinforcement of technical background through the upgrading of CNR facilities: a new laboratory to prepare and test the nanostructured materials devoted to water cleaning applications, also equipped with an Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) system and a CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) chamber for deposition of carbon-based materials.
    • Reinforcement of CNR researcher capacity in developing research strategic plan through:
    • Training lectures in order to stimulate the competitive researcher career at European level.
    • High-level scientific seminars of top level speakers.
    • Broad target seminars, covering topics such as: the strategic development plan for Sicily, the European strategy about future research and politics, the societal and economical impact of nanotechnology in Europe.

WP3: Twinning measures (Mar ‘13 – Apr ‘15)
Leader: Silvia Scalese
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The WP3 aims to develop strategic partnerships with other research centers and industries and to facilitate the knowledge transfer among the WATER partners.

  • Objectives

    • Increase the mobility of researchers through:
    • Secondments of CNR researchers at scientific partnering organizations.
    • Visits of scientific partners in Catania.
    • Sabbatical in Catania.
    • Seminars and training courses by the scientific partners.
    • Strengthen the interaction with industries and local territorial entities by:
    • Visits of industries to the CNR labs and vice versa.
    • Roundtable with industries and CNR.
    • Seminars by industries.
    • Technical advices from CNR to local public Institutions on environmental issues.
    • Meetings to illustrate needs/requirements of the local entities in the field of environmental issue.
    • Coordination among the partners for getting and analyzing water samples to test nanostructures.

WP4: Dissemination (Dec ‘12 – Oct ‘15)
Leader: Giuliana Impellizzeri
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The WP4 aims to develop effective communication plan to inform both the civil society and the scientific community about the activities, results and impact of the WATER project.

  • Objectives

    • Increase the visibility of CNR-Catania at regional, national and EU level.
    • Underline the social and economic impact of the research innovation on society.
    • Highlight the contribution made to the European knowledge and the value of the European collaboration.
    • Sustain the measures beyond WATER lifetime.
    • The actions includes:
    • Logo of the WATER project.
    • Website targeting to both the civil society and the professional scientists.
    • Advertising campaign through radio, TV, newspapers/magazines and social networks.
    • Promoting tools (such as brochures, posters, videos and gadgets).
    • 3,000 € prize for the realization of an electronic game based on nanomaterials for water treatment.
    • Workshop and festival in Aci Castello to celebrate “the science for the sea”, aiming to commercialize the water filters.
    • Peer-reviewed publications on the scientific results.
    • Participation to national/international conferences.
    • Organization of one of the most important international conference in the field of nanomaterials in Aci Castello, and of one symposium of the E-MRS Spring Meeting.

WP5: Intellectual property development and management (Oct ‘12 – Oct ‘15)
Leader: Maria Grazia Grimaldi
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The WP5 will take care of intellectual properties development and management.

  • Objectives

    • Protect the intellectual property generated by the consortium.
    • Promote the progress of science and technology generated by WATER.
    • Ensure discoveries, inventions and creations of the consortium partners.
    • Manage intellectual properties rights issues
    • The actions includes:
    • Preparation of a consortium agreement for intellectual property rights.
    • Determining whether or not to protect and commercialize the intellectual properties and assigning its rights to the inventor(s).
    • Fix the procedure for publication and confidentiality.
    • Make available the background information and knowledge useful for WATER for effective collaboration among partners.
    • Handling of joint inventions for patenting.
    • Protection of the artistic works by copyright.
    • Promotion of the commercialization through articles in Trade Journals, mailshots to potential companies, mailshots to technology transfer/consultancy organizations.

WP6: Evaluation (Mar ‘13 – Mar ‘16)
Leader: Vittorio Privitera
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The WP6 deals with the final evaluation of the action impacts. In addition, WP6 will provide criteria for a self-evaluation procedure so to help improving researcher profile to become more competitive for international grants.

  • Objectives

    • Evaluate the results of the action.
    • Self-evaluation of researchers career. Define the future research strategy.
    • Some indicators of the success of the action are:
    • Increase in number of external researchers spending a period at CNR-Catania.
    • Number of undergraduate and PhD students making a thesis on WATER project.
    • Recruitment of Italian scientists to support the brain-drain back.
    • Mentions on the media.
    • Internet ranking for the project website.
    • Number of contacts with enterprises and public entities.
    • Peer-reviewed publications with new keywords (i.e. water, environment, catalysis, titania).
    • Increase in participation of the CNR group in European proposal.