The Water project was thought to unlock the research potential of the CNR-Catania in the application of nanotechnology to water treatment.
For the benefit of the economy, society and environment.

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Water Objectives Know more about Us

Through the application of nanotechnology to water treatment, the WATER project aims to the overall objectives.

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Water Events WATER Meetings

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Water TeamThe mission of CNR-Catania

The mission of CNR-Catania is to create a center of excellence for basic and applied research on advanced nanotechnology. The main aim is to perform leading fundamental research in key areas for the technological development.

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Why the environment?

To take advantages of the most advanced technologies and drive them to be effectively at the service of the society, nature and people: this is our way to understand the scientific research. The innovation is the main artery towards the progress, intended as improvement of the environmental conditions and human welfare. Within this evolutional process, the water has a fundamental and paramount role. Ensuring water purity in the houses as a contribution for the purification of seas and rivers through the development of nanotechnologies, is the driving purpose of our activity and our daily commitment.

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Why Europe?

The European Commission has always strongly supported the scientific research, understood as an incisive instrument aimed to the European socio-economical growth. The science and the people involved owe a lot to the continuous support provided by the European Commission to the technologies development and to their implementation.  Equally, the WATER project of the CNR-Catania comes up thanks to the funding of the European Commission that carefully have verified the project processes, methodologies and ideas, believing in the values of its objectives and in the enthusiasm of the working team.

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